Back To Homeschool Expectation VS. Reality

I thought I had scheduled this post! Maybe I did and it never posted… I was camping this week and was hopeful that it went up, but it didn’t. Anyways, here it is. Better late than never!



Hey y’all! Today I thought it’d be fun to do something totally original (mhm…) – a back-to-homeschool expectation versus reality! For those of you who don’t homeschool, most of these will relate to you anyways. Some of these expectations versus realities may be a little exaggerated, but enjoy reading them anyways. From planning to sleeping and everything in-between, this is going to be one hilarious post. So, without further ado, let’s float this boat!



Expectation: You have a planner. It’s a cute one you found and ordered off the internet. It’s absolutely perfect. You start planning immediately!

Reality:  It’s the week before school, and you don’t have a planner. You look all over the place for one. Why don’t any stores that I want my planner from have two-day shipping?! UGH.


Expectation: You line your pencils up perfectly. Your erasers are stacked. Your folders  and notebooks neatly labeled. Everything looks so aesthetic!

Reality: Scrambling all over the house to find pencils, you find one! But… its the one you chewed on during math. Great.


Expectation: A clean, organized desk. No clutter, no dust, it’s spotless. This is going to be the best school year yet!

Reality: You swipe everything off your desk. Oh, great. There’s a huge paint stain from that history project you did last year. Well, you’ll have to work with what you got.


Expectation: Yum! The selection in the pantry is looking de-lish. One glance and you can imagine yourself breaking from a long language arts lecture and grabbing a chocolate pudding.

Reality: You open the pantry. Moving pasta sauce and a huge bag of … ew, what is that?! Mouldy cheese? Why is that in the pantry? Tossing it aside, you finally spot something. Victory! There are a couple granola bars. You look at the expiry date – just in case. Just what I expected. 2 months past the best-before date. Oh well, it can’t be that bad…


Expectation: You shut the light off, get into bed, and close your eyes. Dreaming of unicorns and rainbows, you sleep soundly. What a great start to the year!

Reality: You check your clock. It’s 1:54AM and you haven’t yet got a wink of shut-eye. So much for getting my beauty sleep…

Waking Up

Expectation: You yawn and stretch. You had an amazing sleep, and now you’re ready to tackle the day. You jump out of bed, get dressed, and head to the kitchen just in time for bacon and eggs. This isn’t so bad!

Reality: The beeping sound of your alarm wakes you up. You’ve had the worst sleep you’ve had in the longest time. Come to think of it, who’d call it sleep? You groggily get out of bed and head to breakfast. Cereal again. 

First Day of Online Classes

Expectation: You enter the online classroom, and type “Hi” into the chatbox. You notice people from your previous other classes. Wait, what? People actually remember me! This is great. I’m not just a fly on the wall! I’m known!

Reality: You enter the online classroom. Typing “Hi” into the chatbox, not expecting anyone to reply. Yep, predictable. 


Expectation: You receive your homework list for the week. Just have to read one chapter of the book – that’s it. Huh! Not so bad!

Reality:  You check your list of homework for the week. A quiz, two homework uploads, and a 1,000 word essay. Hello there, friend! Remember me? Yes you do. Dreaded homework. I’m so glad that you’re here for another 8 months. We’re going to have so much fun together!


I had so much fun writing this post.  I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it!

Hold up…one more thing! My blog currently has 36 followers. I need just four more to reach my goal of 40! If you know someone who would be interested in my content, let them know about my blog. Thank you!


Do any of these relate to you? Are you excited for the new school year? If so, why? If not, why?


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