Tour My Academic and Blogging Planners + Freebies! #RiflePaperCo.

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Planning is really, really awesome.

And so is blogging! Planning your blogging is great. That’s why I’ve combined these two together in this post! The planning theme has been floating around the blogosphere a lot lately, so to catch the trend, I’m going to give you a tour of my Academic and Blogging planners for this coming year!

There will be links to where I bought both of the journals at the bottom of each section.

All images, including the featured photo, were taken, edited, and are owned by me. For more on this.


To start things off, I’m showing you my Rifle Paper Co. Academic Planner. For those of you interested in this planner, I’ll give you an overview of it as well as a tour, if that makes sense. Features and specifications of the planner will be in bold.


EThis is the front of the planner. The cover is hard and has this pretty floral/tropical decoration paper on front, the company calls it their Herb Garden theme. The closure is a simple black elastic that keeps everything together.


The dimensions for this planner I purchased are 6.75″ x 8.25″. I didn’t look at the dimensions before ordering… it’s a teeny bit small, but I’ll work with it!


The inside paper is gold with dots, a wonderful contrast to the floral and a nice accent to the gold spiral rings that bind the 124 pages of the planner together. I thought the floral decorations that accompany the labels of the sections could be colored in to add a touch of color.


Before entering the monthly layouts, there is a yearly layout of dates running from January 2018 to December of 2019 – making it a 17-month planner. I find it weird to have it run for that long – I would have preferred a 12-month planner.


The first section in this planner is important dates.


It lists in order all the holidays that take place in 2018 – all of them are American holidays ouchย though they do include a few Canadian holidays.


The next section is for notes.


There are multiple lined pages perfect for any extra things you need to write down. I thought that I could potentially use it as a section for blogging, but since I already have a specific planner for that, I could have it for another use.


Following the notes section is the month-by-month layout.


This features the calendars of all the 17 months. On each calendar the top left displays the a small calendar of previous month why, and the top right displays the next month.


After the month-by-month pages are the weekly spreads.


These feature every day, starting on Monday and running through Sunday, in a checklist format. I love this part of the planner, because having a checklist is a must in a planner! Along the tops of each weekly spread is an inspirational quote.


The weekly layouts are divided into two sections, September-December 2017, and January-December 2018. I think this was mainly intentional for the month tabs, because there are a lot of them!


Last but not least is a list of contact pages.


This includes room for names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails. It’s always helpful to have that info available!


Pros: I love the checklist to put all my tasks in. Having the monthly layouts all in one is great for flipping back and forth between months and looking ahead.

Cons: The planner is a little small for my liking, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I don’t like the planner ending December 2018, as I would have preferred a 12-month planner instead of a 17-month one.

For more information about the planner I purchased, visit Rifle Paper Co. They sell a lot of other fun stuff, so go check their site out!

I bought the planner online from Indigo. They sell Rifle Paper Co.’s planners, and they were a bit cheaper here than at the official site.ย There was also free shipping that specific week, so I saved lots of $$!

Overall, I am happy with the planner and would definitely recommend it to those who are interested in a check-list/task oriented agenda.


Now onto the Blog Planner. I have a journal I created onย Shutterfly that I had used for a bullet journal, but it wasn’t really working for me (blame summer). So, I decided to turn it into a blog planner/journal, and this is how it turned out!

I had taken these photos in the morning, and the planer photos in the afternoon. Thus the change in lighting.


This is the front of the notebook. It says, “My Journal” on the front and has a picture of a whole bunch of colourful hot air balloons.


The dimensions of this journal are 5″ x 8″, and it’s bound by black spiral rings.


The first page is my schedule for the next four months, as well as a (huge) list of my post ideas. I purposely left out the list of post ideas because what’s the fun in knowing whats coming? ๐Ÿ™‚ย The following page is all the info related to my blog such as the name, tagline, link, etc. I also have a section for usernames and passwords for all the accounts I have, which I have yet to fill in ๐Ÿ˜ย (Blacked out areas are secret information.)


On the third page is a list of information such as fonts, colors, free design element and image websites. Then beside that is a table of feedback from myย blog survey, as well as goals for my blog.


Next I have a list of inspirational bloggers, possible collaboration ideas, and tag ideas. The following page is filled with more post ideas – I ran out of room on the first page! (Again, some more secret information that I can’t show you!)


I linked to where I got my notebook/journal at the top of this section, but I’ll link to it again here.


Time for the best part… freebies! In light of back-to-school, I have a special gift to share with you!

I’m giving you 10 Motivational Back-To-School Quotes that you can print out and hang on your wall, slide into your binder cover, stick to your notebook, display on your desk, and more! The ideas are endless. I will be sharing the link below, but it’s only going to be valid for 5 days, effective NOW!ย 


The link has now expired.

(You know you want them!)

I suggest you download and save the files to your computer so that you will have them when the link expires!


I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at both my academic and blogging planners, and that it inspired you to get organized both for school and blogging.


What is your favorite part about back to school? (It’s definitely the planning part for me as you can probably tell :D)

Do you have a planner for the school year, or just the year in general? If so, where is it from?

Do you have a blogging journal? What is your favorite part about it?


“So that, just as it is written, Let him who boasts, boast in the Lord.โ€ 1 Corinthians 1:31

21 thoughts on “Tour My Academic and Blogging Planners + Freebies! #RiflePaperCo.

  1. Thank you so much Rebecca! Love the quotes and am downloading them all!

    Are you on Instagram, by any chance? If I post these on there I want to be able to tag you.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. You are so welcome! Glad you like them. I don’t, but if you want to tag me on Google+ or Pinterest, that would be perfect! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ok awesome, because, actually, I don’t quite have Instagram yet either. I’m getting it soon, so I’m just planning my photos. I did tag you on G+ ๐Ÿ™‚

        Liked by 2 people

    1. I’ve just learnt over time, I guess! I recommend exploring and learning from others. Check out Pinterest for ideas! I used PicMonkey for graphics and for fonts. If you look at my blogging journal, it has a list of websites where you can find a ton of free stuff to use for your blog!

      Liked by 1 person

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