20 School Life Hacks + Summer Recap

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I don’t know about you, but I’m slightly excited about the start of school. 

The thrill of learning new things, planning your week, meeting new people, having assignments to complete, and everything else involved. One thing I love about school is things that make it easier. Don’t you just love getting everything done that you need for the day and being able to relax and do something you love? Well, I know I do. And hacks are a great way to get to there!

Today’s post is a collaboration with Taiya Maddision. Taiya is a teen lifestyle blogger – her blog is amazing, so head over there check it out!

We’re collabing to bring you tips for the back to school year and how to start the year off right featuring fashion and hacks (my part!)

If you love this hacks or have more to share, tag #lifemadesimple on social media and share the joy! 🙂

And, because summer is over (well, technically it’s not over until September 22nd), I’m doing a short recap and sharing some of my summer highlights, following the hacks.


1 | Trying to remember Pi? Just remember the number of words in each letter of this sentence May I have a large container of coffee.

2 | Memorizing? Read it 10 times. Say it 10 times. Write it two times.

3 | Use WordHippo or Thesaurus.com to find new adjectives and synonyms to commonly used words.

4 | Have a headache? Try eating 10-12 almonds instead of popping a pill.

5 | Deodorant marks on your clothes? Use a baby wipe to remove it.

6 | Try looking things up on scholar.google.com for more reliable information.

7 | Really need to remember lots of facts and vocabulary? Use Quizlet. Trust me, it works.

8 | Need help with a math question that you just can’t figure out? Use symloblab.com.

9 | Turn down your screen brightness on your phone or laptop to save battery life.

10 | Use your sunglasses to prop up your phone if you want to watch something on it.

11 | Need to amplify the sound coming from your phone? Stick it into a vase/container large enough to hold it.

12 | Trying to learn a new language? Use Duolingo.

13 | Got that annoying reminder that says “Revise a fragment”? It usually means you need to put a semi-colon.

14| Trying to stay hydrated throughout the day? Label your water bottle with different times during the day, so you know how much you should drink at a once.

15 | Want to charge your phone battery faster? Go on airplane mode.

16 | Fill your water bottle a quarter-way to half-way full and stick it in the freezer length wise. The next day, fill the rest with water. Ice cold water, with just enough ice to not have to melt it to get the water!

17 | Run the sticky edge of a post-it note through the cracks of your keyboard to collect any crumbs and dust.

18 | Need to remember things easily? Use a pen with blue ink instead of black.

19 | Stick a paperclip to the edge of the roll of tape so you don’t “lose your spot.”

20 | When reading while studying, place a candy at the end of every page. When you get there, reward yourself with the candy!


June | We went on a family vacation to Idaho to check out the Silverwood Themepark + Boulder Beach Water park (both were awesome! I went on my first official roller coaster), definetly reccomended! Our cousins came to stay for a week. We went to an aerial park that had just opened, which was amazing!

July | I renamed my blog! We celebrated Canada’s 150th Birthday at the lake. My friend came and had a two-night sleep over, went window shopping, and had a great time eating those “special occasion only” treats. Find out about the month of July here.

August | I reached 49 followers! I went to a girls movie night with some friends from our Church, our family went to Church Camp, and I participated in a Music Boot camp. I focused on getting my blog and school life organized – I’m really excited about what’s in store for my blog the next coming months.

Blog Stats | 1,465 Views • 340 Visitors • 185 Likes • 210 Comments • 49 Followers

Those numbers are all because of you, my faithful readers! Thank you so much. I look forward to many more months of blogging alongside you.


What was your favorite hack that I showed you? Which hack are you most likely going to use this school year?

How was your summer? Any favorite memories you’d like to share?


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