A Sneak Peek of Maddison + Co. // Launch Tour

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Totally misspelled “peek” in the featured image… whoops!

Taiya Maddison is launching her very own store.

And really soon… October 20th, in fact! I’m helping her get the word out by partaking in her shop launch! Featuring wall art, cute coffee mugs, throw pillows, physical prints and tons more, I’m giving you a sneak peak of what’s in store for her shop! This is my small stop in this grand tour of the Maddison + Co. Shop Launch.



Taiya Maddison is a teen lifestyle blogger. Her passion is to inspire and help other teenage girls. She also loves chocolate, so, please send her some! Here personality is so sweet. This girl is such an inspiration to me! 💕



Taiya’s blog includes a variety of posts ranging from fashion, photography, babysitting tips, DIY’s, and so much more! Her goal for her blog is to give inspiration and advice to other teenage girls going through the same, typical girl things as herself.

Here are 5 of my favorite posts from her blog that I think you’ll love:

15 Online Shopping Life Hacks

How to Survive Highschool | Tips + Advice

OOTD | Strolling the Streets of Copenhagen

Room Decorating 101 + Tips

My Planner 2017 + 5 Organization Tips



Here’s a rundown of what the shop will be all about. The shop will include a wide variety of items such (trendy) down loadable wall art, cute coffee mugs, throw pillows, physical prints, and a few phone cases. I’m so looking forward to looking at all the products – Taiya has put a ton of time and effort into this – I’m sure everything will look amazing!!




Tuesday, October 17th: Charis // Julia // Kimberly

Wednesday, October 18th: Isabella // Carol // Olivia // Brooke // Rebecca (that’s me!)

 Thursday, October 19th: Katie // Zaya // Jirah

Be sure to check out the other participant’s posts, so far they’re looking great! Because I’m participating in Taiya’s Launch Tour, I was allowed to choose a print to have for free! The one I chose is displayed in the featured image and earlier in this post. I can’t wait to hang it up in my room! 😀

 Like I said earlier, the shop is launching on Friday, October 20th.


You can find and follow her on the following platforms:

Follow her Blog // Browse her new Shop // Like her on Instagram

Go check out her Instagram profile for exclusive updates, giveaways, and secret sales!


And that wraps up the tour! Thank you so much for reading this post, guys! I’m so happy for Taiya, and I hope that you are too!  For the original post and more info about the launch, visit Taiya’s blog.

Also, if you didn’t already see, I started my own mailing list! Find out more about it here.


Are you excited for the shop launch?

From what you’ve seen, which is your favorite print so far?

Have a lovely week; I will chat with y’all in the comments! 😘


For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, “But the righteous man shall live by faith.” Romans 1:17

All images and mock ups are owned by Taiya. I do not own any of the images.

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