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Adventurous. Beautiful. Valiant. Intense. Calm. Lovable. Dangerous. Afraid. Extreme. Depressed. Enthusiastic. Worriesome. Brave. Young. Old. All these attributes describe book characters. And they can be described in many more ways than these few adjectives… the list goes on!

Today’s post is the Ship it or Rip it Tag. I had this post sitting in my drafts for a couple of months and finally pulled it up. If you don’t know how this works (or happen to have forgot): I made an equal list of male and female character names, put them into piles, and drew randomly from the two. The two I pick up I either ship or rip!

Disclaimer and Note: I do not own any of the images. All image credit to the owners of the images. Also, sorry for the bad quality of some of these images! I tried my best.


Cyrus (The Dragon’s Tooth) and Orual (Till We Have Faces)


This one is just not happening. Cyrus is way too adventurous, and Orual is way too … miserable.



Nolan (The Dragon’s Tooth) and Anne (Anne of Green Gables)


Nolan is definitely not a good match with Anne. He’s practically immortal, isn’t always truthful, and is pretty darn violent. Anne, on the other hand, aside from the fact that she’s spoilermarriedspoiler, is flowery with her speech, is very emotional, and needs someone who wouldn’t care if she cried on their shoulder.



Pat (My Story: The Hunger) and Antigone (The Dragon’s Tooth)


Pat is rebellious, goes missing from home for days, and likes to cause trouble. Antigone is adventurous and isn’t afraid of much. It’s a ship.



Jonah (The Missing: Series) and Bree (Viking Quest: Series)


(Forgive me – it was really hard to find a character picture for both of these characters). Jonah is your typical 21st century kid who’s on a time travelling adventure, but isn’t ready for what’s to come. Bree is a courageous Irish girl who isn’t afraid to stand up for what she thinks is right. Working together, I think they could be a good ship. Except for the fact that they lived centuries apart πŸ˜›



Sam (Outlaws of Time) and Deborah (A Question of Loyalty)


This one is definitely not going to work. For one, Sam’s arms are spoilersnakesspoiler.* He’d rather save his sister than fall in love. Deborah is way to headstrong and wouldn’t really submit to anyone.

*The picture kind of gives it away XD



Dan (A Question of Loyalty) and Amy (Little Women)


Dan is a rebel hiding in a loyalist’s barn – which wouldn’t impress Amy. She’s a proper young lady who is into art and is – well – sophisticated. So, not really working here.



Laurie (Little Women) and Glory (Outlaws of Time)


I think this one actually might work. Laurie’s just as adventurous as Glory, and although they lived a few hundred years apart, their personalities are compatible. And who knew… their names rhyme.



Peter (Narnia: Series) and Janey (Rescue at FE)


Peter is a normal English boy turned knight. He’s ready to face anything that might endanger his siblings or Narnia. Janey is a typical 21st century girl who, although would rather be at home in Toronto than with her Grandma, is willing to help in the face of disaster. I’m going to say this one’s a ship. (And don’t they kind of look alike? XD)



That concludes today’s bookish post! I haven’t really talked much about books on my blog, but now’s a good a time as an to start! You can find more about what I’m reading on GoodReads by clicking here. While you’re here, don’t forget to sign up for my mailing list! I send a whole bunch of fun stuff right to your inbox every Monday.


What was your favorite ship?

What would your perfect character ship be?


“Now fear the Lord and serve him with all faithfulness.” Joshua 24:14

19 thoughts on “The Ship It or Rip It Tag

    Hahahha I started laughing when I saw the Nolan and Anne one xDD
    But yea the Cyrus and Orual one was… impossible. -_-
    Laurie and Glory – yessss tho ❀
    my otp is probably Henry from 100 Cupboards and Antigone. Yep I'm crazy.

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