CHRIST IS CHRISTMAS // Why Jesus’ Birth Is The Foundation For Everything


It’s not the gifts that we give. It’s not the spirit of giving. It’s not big ole’ [fat] Santa. It’s not the gift of kindness. It’s not the pretty decorations. It’s not the fun music. It’s Christ. He’s Christmas. He’s the reason we celebrate.

There are a lot of things that are preventing us from remembering His birth. Things like this include the events, the parties, the songs, the gifts, the food, and even the media! *coughstarwarscough*

Even if it just takes a few minutes, take some time to remember the real reason of Christmas. Remember the true gift, Jesus Christ, who came in human flesh to not only live but to die in our place. The Father sent his only son to earth so that he would die to take the sin of the world for us, just as was foretold with the story of Abraham and Isaac as well as the many prophets.

To remind you of the immense significance of Christ’s incarnation, I’ve written a short poem. I am really bad a poetry (I’m trying to get better!) but I hope it captures the Holy night so many years ago.

C H R I S T  I S  C H R I S T M A S


The meaning of Christmas has long been lost, I said to myself as I stared at the frost.

What is the true meaning, I ask myself? Is it gifts and giving and Santa’s elf?

I shake my head and as I do, I remind my self of a story I once knew.


It happened in time past, near the City of David, up in the sky so vast.

A star, not like one you’ve seen before, a sign of the light to the nations, shining brightly that night.


The Angels proclaimed the birth of the King, oh hear now how they doth sing.

Their praise could be heard to the shepherds that night, who were quiet frightened, I’d say, alright.


His name was to be called Emmanuel, the little baby crowned King of Kings.

To save his people from their sin, and as a result they would live with him.


Now, this is the true story of Christmas old, better than any one that’s been told.

So remember this story of days gone by, that He is the reason we celebrate.

This Christmas, celebrate Christ.


What is your favorite way to celebrate the Savior’s Birth?


“But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from of old, from everlasting.” Micah 5:2

I know, I know, I keep changing up my design! Please bear with me. I’m a very indecisive person!


26 thoughts on “CHRIST IS CHRISTMAS // Why Jesus’ Birth Is The Foundation For Everything

  1. Awwww, amazing post, Rebecca! Early on Christmas morning, I love thanking God for being a God who keeps His promises (in sending Jesus to redeem us), which gives me hope He’ll keep promises for the future, too. I LOVE your poem, by the way! Much better than my comical limericks. XD


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  2. It’s really great to see a post like this among all the ‘Blogmas’ and ’12 Days of Christmas’ stuff going on; as fun as those are, we should remember that Jesus’s birth is why this holiday is even around. 😊

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  3. Hey Rebecca!

    While I absolutely love the layout of this post ( the pictures / fonts are gorgeous! ) I have to disagree with you. As a Christian, I feel like Christ and Christmas should not be connected and that God wouldn’t want it to be. That’s just my opinion though. I used to celebrate Christmas and Christ together as well. 🙂

    Love your new design!

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      1. I celebrate His birth all year around. 🙂 It is definitely something that we should constantly be reminded of and thinking about. The Bible doesn’t give a specific day that we are supposed to celebrate it, and December 25 was originally a day to celebrate the sun god. The Christians wanted to celebrate as well so they decided to celebrate Jesus birth hence the name CHRISTmas.

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      2. Interesting! I see Christmas as a way to emphasize His incarnation, just as we do Good Friday and Easter, although remembering it year round is vital as well.


  4. I love this, Rebecca! Sometimes I feel like, as you pointed out in the beginning of your post, we (as society) just say Christmas is about the “spirit of giving” and take less of the focus off of Jesus. Though we should have a kind and giving spirit, that is the cherry on top of Christmas! The ice cream (the important part) is the story of Jesus. 😉

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