February is over! With March brings new adventures, thoughts of spring, and not to mention, my birthday. 😛 As the spring season nears, and since you guys loved my other posts about Bullet Journaling, I thought, what better time than now to share this post! There are so many ways to utilize your BuJo for everyday life. And the best thing is, you can personalize it the exact way you want – the possibilities are, indeed, endless! Today I’ll be sharing with you 10 bullet journal spreads that will, in fact, save your sanity.

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In case you missed it, I wrote a guest post for Ella’s blog, February Fairy, which went live yesterday! It’s all about friend problems and the one solution to all of them. Go check it out, as well as take a look around Ella’s amazing blog!



bf021350e53c5f4073e89ad950700b64#1 CHECK LIST Sit down and think over what you need to do. Make a list of tasks you want to accomplish. This could be as simple as a to-do checklist or as in-depth as a spreadsheet of tasks. You can categorize your to-do list by rooms, sections, most needed, etc. If you have something that really needs to get done, put that at the top and highlight it or put it in big, bold letters. Another idea is to put your to-do list in an awkward and obvious place so that every time you walk by it, you’ll be reminded of what you have to do. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Make the job manageable, yet not too easy.


2132611ef18c6cad3f96ab96e0cd0e47#2 MONEY/SAVINGS TRACKER Keeping track of expenses and managing your money can be overwhelming. Where do you start? With a simple BuJo page! This can be as simple as a lined paper with the following labeled sections: monthly budget (how much you can logically and smartly spend this month), monthly income (if you don’t have a job yet, this could be your babysitting money, for example), savings (what you put in the bank), giving (how much you tithed) and purchased (what, when, where, cost).


8ffa6b571e4fdfad0e26b1f6c6442cda#3 HEALTH TRACKER Ever wondered what you ate in a day? Or how many times you worked out, or for that matter, didn’t? Maybe you wonder how much water you drink in a day? Using a health tracker can help you mark down these things so you can track your highs and lows and reach your goals. The most common way to bullet journal this is to make a grid chart. With the appropriate x and y coordinates, you’ll be able to make a chart that will help you keep track of your goals. For a fun way to track your progress, use colored pens or markers to fill in the grid. A similar idea is used with a mood tracker, filling in various colors with your mood. Whatever the tracker may be used for, remember to keep the goal imaginable, yet challenging at the same time.

1490135683-swatch-test#4 TEST PAGE You’ve got new markers, and you want to test them out. Or you want to keep track of how many Tombow pens you have. Not to worry! Starting with a blank page, you can draw a strip of a color and label it appropriately so you know which color is which, and keep track of your growing collection of pen. Keep a few blank pages for testing new fonts, doodling ideas, and whatnot. Writing on a scrap piece of paper could lead to problems – you may doodle something or write a font that you want to keep in a handy spot to look back on a replicate – but it’s on a loose sheet, not on a page! Using a BuJo page for a test page is a great way to keep all your ideas in one spot for easy access.

f96841caf3b8ecb5932771c55c0e1e68#5 BIRTHDAY + DATE TRACKER Ever have trouble remembering your Mom’s birthday? Or which day your cousin got married on? Or maybe you don’t remember your own?! Yet again, your BuJo is to the rescue! There are many ways to design a birthday/date tracker spread. Use a circle and segments, jot the dates in balloons, or write them on the icing of a doodled cupcake for each month. However you do it, you’ll always be able to flip to your handy page and be reminded of whose birthday is coming up next. This concept could be easily adapted for important dates, such as a party, important deadlines, or you name it.


1490136008-reading-list#6 BOOK/MEDIA TRACKER Does anyone ever ask you what books you read recently? Or ask you want movie you’d like to go watch? Using the book/media tracker, you can easily flip to the page and rattle of your list of favorites. Sure, GoodReads works, but when push comes to shove, actually seeing a physical list of what you read can be an accomplishment. Plus, you can be creative! Draw a bookshelf on one page of an empty 2-page spread and a film roll on the other. Add books and movie titles as you read them, or, use this as a “want-to-read-and-see” spread. Make it basic, black-and-white, or add some color and design.


e644b67f3d7ec9b0671b7d6424164a10#7 BUCKET LIST Do you have those goals in life you want to accomplish but they’re all just floating in your head and you need to put them down? Using a bucket list spread, you can easily jot down those crazy things you want to do. List it or get creative! A fun twist on this spread is to write down places you want to go and things you want to see. Try your hand at making a map or simply a drawing of the place you want to go. Make this a 2-page spread or keep it minimal and tidy.


5ce9b69db4c139e2c86f3a8f4d517df6#8 GRATITUDE SPREAD It’s a challenge to be thankful and grateful in our everyday lives. Instead of always being ungrateful and envious of others, learn to be thankful for what you’ve already been given. Take time every day to write down 5 or more things you’re thankful for. Realizing what you have and how blessed you are will cause more joy than complaining about what you don’t have.



151829413096826074#9 MEMORIES SPREAD There are things you’ve done that you want to remember. Like that family vacation you took last year. Or that time your best friend came over and you pulled an all-nighter. Or maybe the school play you participated in. Whatever it may be, keeping it in one place to look back upon is a great reminder of all the fun (and goofy) times you’ve had. Add printed pictures, funny quotes, stickers, and all that reminiscent stuff. Have fun with it!



b1d9f92414ec5d5feb35993e352e292f#10 WISH LIST You know that moment when someone asks you what you want for your birthday and you have no idea what to say? Well, now you will! With this wish list spread, you’ll be able to write (or draw!) down what you want. Then, the next time someone asks you, you’ll be prepared! Customize this by doing a simple checklist or by going all out with pictures, stickers, art, and more. Why not?



Do you have a bullet journal? What is your most used spread? If you don’t have a bullet journal, what do you use to stay organized?


All images, excluding #9, are not my own. All credits go to the appropriate owners.


    1. No, only #9 (and as you can tell, I haven’t filled it up yet!!). I wish they were, though, the designs are amazing! Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh my goodness! Such awesome inspiration!! 😉 Definitely going to use a few of these ideas… How do you get your journal to be so neat? I always end up ripping out a few pages because it turns out horrible lol

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