How I Study For Finals + Tips For You


Hello hello! It’s coming close to the end of the 2017-18 school year (whaaa?! where did the year go) and that means…finals. *cue scream* Even though exams can be stressful, they can be fairly easy if you study hard and focus. In today’s post, I’ll be showing you how I study for finals and sharing tips for you with yours. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s crush these things!



I start off by printing out the study guide for the class. Having both a physical and online print can be helpful.

Tip no. 1: Keep your study guides in a safe place like a binder or file folder.

Next, I’ll create a new document in my Google Docs and start filling out the study guide. Taking it section by section makes it easier. If there’s something I don’t remember, I’ll highlight it so when I come back to the guide I can see what I left off and what I need to go over again.

Tip no. 2: Fill out your study guide for as long as you can. Take a short, 5 minute water and/or snack break, then get back at it. Setting a timer is helpful so you can track your progress. Try setting a goal!

The next time around, after I’ve finished filling out the study guide online, I’ll grab a notebook or stack of lined paper and start filling out the study guide there. Again, taking it one section at a time,  writing the answers to the questions down on paper by hand. Writing by hand increases memory and causes you to store the information in your brain better.

Now, depending on what subject it may be, I’ll do the study guide again on the doc. This  way the information gets it stuck in my brain. Figuratively. Or maybe literally. Heh.

Tip no. 3: Fill out the study guide with a friend (or group)! It can lessen the stress and add fun to the task.


For any vocab (such as science, languages, etc.), I’ll start by writing the terms out on a word document. Going through the chapters section by section and locating the terms is great. Some textbooks have the vocab in one place at the end of the chapter or book, which is extremely helpful.

Tip no. 4: Organize the vocab in a way that is easy to read for you. This can be alphabetical, by chapter, by topic, or whatever way works best for you. 😉


Next, I’ll create a “new set” on Quizlet for the vocab. If the set has terms that use pictures, I’ll add them. However, I like seeing things as text only. Then I’ll go through the set(s) and study the vocab.

Tip no. 5: Create a minimal amount of study sets. Having too many will be too overwhelming. Divide them up into segments.

Writing out the vocab on flashcards also helps. Try reading to the wall or to someone. I put the term on one side and the definition on the other, go through the stack, set a pile aside of the terms I know and the ones I don’t, and keep going until I have it all down. Or at least, most of it. 😉

Tip no. 6: Organize the flashcards by module, chapter, or section and take it one at a time.


Let’s be honest here. You can’t really fully prepare for an essay in an exam. If your teacher has given you the topic options beforehand, pick the one you are most comfortable with and study up on it. If your teacher hasn’t given you topic options, look through the study guide. Chances are, the ideas for the essays will be in there somewhere.

Tip no. 7: Write out a super basic outline for your essay on paper, then try your best to remember it in your head so you’re not scrambling during the exam.


Sleep — Sleep with your blinds/curtains open. Waking up to natural light makes you feel more energized and ready to start the day! Depending on where you live, the sun will rise a little earlier or later. Waking up early isn’t all that bad, though — productivity happens way more the earlier you get up!

Hydration — Drink water throughout the day to help clear you system. If drinking water isn’t “your cup of tea”, try adding some freshly squeezed lemon or frozen fruit to it. Drinking at least one cup every meal will make a difference in your brain focus! Stay hydrated! Your body is made up of water – 60% of your body mass, in fact! It’s what keeps your body moving and functioning properly. Fill up a water bottle and keep it by your workspace. You don’t want to get dehydrated during the day — it will leave you feeling lethargic and motivation-less.

Food — Food is good, right? Yep! We all know that our go-to foods would be chips, ice cream, and all that junk food…  but those will decrease your energy level and, even though you think you’re on a high, you’ll plummet and feel gross in a few hours. For snacks, choose healthier options. Try apple slices, carrots & hummus, a homemade fruit salad, or Greek yogurt with honey. Healthy food will get your energy level up for studying & exams to keep your mind clear and at it’s full energy level capacity. As well, eat full meals. Don’t under-eat! You don’t want to be hungry and go grab those junk foods I talked about earlier.


Well, look at you. You just finished your exam — way to go! Celebrate by going out for ice cream (yes you can), spending some time doing something other than school, or burning your text book. Ha… totally kidding about the last one. I hope reading up on how I study  and the tips I shared will be helpful — let me know how your exams go! For those who don’t have exams, enjoy the freedom! 😛


How do you study for exams? What do you do to keep your motivation going?


19 thoughts on “How I Study For Finals + Tips For You

  1. These are great tips! My school doesn’t have finals, but we do have standardized testing for the main subjects (English, math, science) and then AP testing for the AP classes. Unfortunately I have one of those this week… but thank you for the tips, and good luck on your finals! 🙂

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