Top 5 Blogs I Read


There are so, so, so, many bloggers out there. And there are many, many, many amazing ones! Today I thought it’d be fun to share with you 5 of the blogs I read on a weekly basis! Let’s do this.


charis rae //

Charis’ blog is simply amazing — her writing is excellent and I love her style of posts! She is so sweet. Her and I did a collab about a month ago. View her part of the collab here, and mine here.

Her latest post: Book Review


february fairy //

Ella’s blog is so pretty and aesthetic! Her posts are down to earth and real, which is what I love about her. I did a guest post on her blog a little while back. This girl is so sweet and her love for Christ shines through all she does! ❤

Her latest post: 6 Things That Make Me Unfollow


knead some sweets //

Naomi’s blog is awesome, because it’s all about FOOD! Who doesn’t like looking at jaw-dropping delicacies? The recipes she posts look sooo good — and they taste wonderful too! I got the chance recently to both meet Naomi and try her cheesecake in a jar …it was amazing. 😍

Her latest post: Banana Cake


a farm girl’s life //

Allison is literally the sweetest girl ever! Her blog is gorgeous and the stuff she posts is so fun. And guys, this girl is the best ARTIST! She even has an Etsy shop… go check it out right now. I interviewed Allison when she hit 3,000 followers!

Her latest post: Birthday Harvest {2018}


the farfalle company //

This is a collaborative base of bloggers who post a wide variety of content. I’m one of the main editors as well as authors of a publication. The content on this is quality, so be sure to follow!

TFC’s latest post: Entropy


+ let’s get chatty

What blogs do you love to read?

sidebarlabels7This week is finals week, so I won’t be super active on the blog.

36 thoughts on “Top 5 Blogs I Read

  1. Yas Charis’ blog is so enjoyable to read (not to mention pretty), the February Fairy is the BOMB and A Farm Girl’s Life is just too amazing for words. Also, I just subscribed to Knead some Sweets! Thanks for sharing, Rebecca!

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    1. Aww of course, dear! 💕 (forgive me, for some reason WordPress doesn’t send notifs for comments after a certain date within the posts publishing date!! Thus why I took so long to reply 🤔)

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