How To Make The Most Out Of Your Summer + Exciting News! #ju1year


Hello! I just finished finals week, and whew, am I glad they’re over! It’s finally summer break, and I am so excited. Have you ever felt that at the end of summer, you’ve done absolutely nothing memorable, or for that matter, fun?! I definitely have. In today’s post, I’m going to give you some tips on how to make summer 2018 the best yet. 🌴


Here are 20 things you can do to make this summer memorable. They’re not complicated, but they’ll definitely be memorable. Make sure to take photos, write down moments, and store these memories in your head. During the long winter months you can look back on the photos and things and remember the fun times you had! 😎

Throw a party // invite some friends over for a BBQ

Books // visit your local library and find some new books to read

Learn // teach yourself a new skill

Water fight // gather your family and friends for a water fight

Volunteer // volunteer your time at a camp or a community center

Window shop // walk along the street and look in the windows of lovely stores

Dance in the rain // grab a friend and dance in the rain

Photo shoot // dress up and take photos

Farmers Market // go check out your local market

Star watch // spend the night sleeping under the stars

Garden // plant and grow a garden

Gift // go shopping for a gift and give it to someone

Bonfire // roast marshmallows over a fire pit

Sport // join a sports team or make your own

Food // buy ice-cream at a local shop

Friends // spend time with people you love

DIY // try a new DIY project

Decorate // de-clutter and re-decorate your room

Flowers // pick flowers (and use them for photo props!)

Sit outside // pull out a lawn chair and soak up the sun

exciting news!

Believe it or not, this is my 60th post on Joy Unspeakable! Doing that math, that adds up to about 40,834 words written — total. Woah! That’s a lot. And there’s something else super exciting… JU’s 1 year blogiversary is approaching quickly!

hi there!welcome to my blog (2)

On June 8th, 2018 Joy Unspeakable is 1-year-old! Crazy, hey? Feel free to share this banner on a post, in a sidebar, etc. so word gets around. As well, please share the hashtag #ju1year.


+ let’s get chatty

What are your summer plans?


23 thoughts on “How To Make The Most Out Of Your Summer + Exciting News! #ju1year

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! You’ve almost made it a year! My blogoversary is July 12th! Great post, I’ll go ask you some questions! I’m holding a Q&A right now, too!! 😀

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  2. Congrats, Rebecca!!! This summer I’ll be playing Softball and going to bible camp (the most fun place on earth 😀 ) and hopefully hanging out with friends more often!!
    Wow, 60 posts!! I think I’ve posted like… 15?? XD

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  3. We don’t have summer here but the school hols are next month! Unfortunately, I am a homeschooler so I don’t take holidays (except weird ones during none school holidays- that’s just how homeschoolers work XD) Yay I can’t wait for your one year blogiversary!! Mine is about one month after yours and I have awesome things planned too 🙂 I’m so sorry that I probably won’t be on WP on your real date because it’s a Fridays and I have some activities to commit to but I’ll make sure to ask some questions and check out your celebration posts later! 😀

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