Summer DIYs You Need To Try!


Summer is in full swing! What better way to spend a hot summer day than by hanging out in A/C and making a DIY project? Today I’ve rounded up some awesome summer DIYs which require only a small amount of supplies for amazing projects that you can make at home in minutes! From drinks to shoes and sprinklers to invites, it’s all down below. ⇊

All of the titles are links that will send you to the DIY’s page with instructions and all that fun stuff 😉


One In A Melon Mason Jar Glass


Water Bottle Sprinkler


Pineapple Sugar Scrub


Lemonade Recipes for Summer


Pineapple Canvas Shoes


Popsicle Party Invitations


Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato


Fruit Themed Cork Coasters

That concludes today’s post! It was definitely less word-y than my other ones 😉 Let me know how you liked it and if you try any of these DIYs! Thank you so much.

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What DIY are you going to try?


All images shown here are from Pinterest and are linked to their sources.

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