45 Things I Love About Summer

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Summer is by far my favorite season of the year. The sun, the smells, the food, the whole vibe is just wonderful. So today I’ve compiled a list of things I love about this time of the year! (Oh no, am I sounding like I’m talking about a particular holiday that lands on December 25th when I say “wonderful” and “time of the year”?? Please tell me no! :P) Let’s get right on to the post.


  1. the sun
  2. the rain
  3. the storms
  4. air conditioning
  5. swimming
  6. cool drinks
  7. movie nights
  8. late, bright nights
  9. walks
  10. bikes
  11. forestskelly-jean-189004-unsplash
  12. beautiful skies
  13. barbeques
  14. camping
  15. grass
  16. smells
  17. outfits
  18. shoes
  19. bonfires
  20. early bright morningshand-notebook-outdoors-34072
  21. events
  22. themed content
  23. popsicles
  24. eating outside
  25. window shopping
  26. music jams
  27. hangouts
  28. chillin’sai-kiran-anagani-209542-unsplash
  29. fresh air
  30. sleep
  31. prairie drives
  32. sports
  33. art inspiration
  34. flowers
  35. plantsneven-krcmarek-246988
  36. themed products
  37. extra free time
  38. summer schedules
  39. brainstorming in the beautiful weather
  40. beaches
  41. tanning
  42. umbrellasjoseph-barrientos-17268-unsplash
  43. relaxing
  44. music
  45. sunsets

What are your favorite things about summer? Bored and need some help thinking of things to do? Click here.


9 thoughts on “45 Things I Love About Summer

  1. I liked this post and there are so many things on your list that’s my favorite too! My most favorite thing about summer is that I don’t have to layer so much on clothes when out.. variety of fruits you get in summer, specifically cherries..I love..😊

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  2. I love ice cream, late nights, no school, 4th of July, Instagram (which I have more time to browse on over the summer), Pinterest (which I have more time to get ideas from over the summer), vacations, clothes, shopping…idk I guess the freedom to do whatever it is I want to do. But school starts in a month so it’s gonna be overrrrr.

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