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reader • writer • musician • blogger • graphic designer • flip-flops lover • bullet journal-er • follower of the one true king


music • books • writing • baking • reading • blogging • food


serve Jesus • laugh • smile • seize the day



I call Canada home, but I love traveling to different places.

I love to spend time with family and friends – from church, school, and everywhere else!

I love writing, and I don’t know if you can relate, but I start writing a story and am super excited about it, and then I get into a rut and don’t know what to write… my life 🙃

Anyways, aside from my writing struggles, I enjoy reading a bunch different genres and titles. One of my favorite authors is C.S. Lewis. Give me a really good book, and I just might read it!

One of my favorite Bible passages (throwback to my rant about not picking favorites 🤗) is Philippians 2, specifically verses 5-15.

I love biking, hiking, walking, and exploring God’s creation! Some other things you can find me doing are organizing, decorating, baking (when I can), cooking, Bible journaling, bullet-journaling, and playing my violin (and piano, too).

The last thing I’ll say about myself is that I’m an ISFJ-T!

…anyways, that’s about it! Now it’s your turn to tell me about you! I’d love to hear some of the things you like to do!


20 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. You new blog is so beautiful! I love all the flowers and little paintings that you’ve used.
    Yay! A fellow Canadian! I didn’t know that you were Canadian.
    I would love to read some of your stories. The writing struggle is so relatable. If you’d like, I would love to share some of my writing tips with you, and you can share with me too.
    I’m an INFJ.
    Anyways, great job on this blog! I am so glad to able to join you in this blogging journey.

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  2. So cool! We sound very similar, haha. I love bullet journaling and baking. I recently read the book of Philippians and it was great! I also just finished reading C.S. Lewis’s book the last battle and it was very inspirational along with be fun.

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