CHRIST IS CHRISTMAS // Why Jesus’ Birth Is The Foundation For Everything

It’s not the gifts that we give. It’s not the spirit of giving. It’s not big ole’ [fat] Santa. It’s not the gift of kindness. It’s not the pretty decorations. It’s not the fun music. It’s Christ. He’s Christmas. He’s the reason we celebrate. Continue reading


7 Awesome Things To Do This Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching.

And that means a few things. For one, the weather is getting cooler. It seems as if the temperature is dropping rapidly on a daily basis! Christmas decorations are slowly being put up. Lights are being strung and lit. Stores are loading their shelves with holiday-themed merchandise. Family and friends are preparing for celebrations. Continue reading



We all know that the stress of exams can be… well… extremely stressful. But don’t give up! I’ve got some helpful tips to get you through exam week, whenever that may be! Continue reading


How To Host The Best Christmas Party Ever

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s two days before December 1st, and that means a lot of things. Continue reading


The Ship It or Rip It Tag

Adventurous. Beautiful. Valiant. Intense. Calm. Lovable. Dangerous. Afraid. Extreme. Depressed. Enthusiastic. Worriesome. Brave. Young. Old. All these attributes describe book characters. And they can be described in many more ways than these few adjectives… the list goes on! Continue reading


Q & A Featuring Allison @ A Farm Girl’s Life

There are many bloggers out there who dream of reaching their blogging goals. Maybe it’s to reach 50 followers. Or 100. Or maybe it’s to grow their mailing list. Or to have an organized schedule.

Today, I’m interviewing Allison from A Farm Girl’s Life. She recently hit 3,000 followers! That’s a huge milestone! In light of this, I thought it would be great if I asked her some questions related to her blog, life on the Farm, and her Etsy shop. Continue reading


Setting Up My Bullet Journal [Part 2.0] + Introducing “Let’s Chat, Shall We?”

I was surprised at the great responses I got on my first post of Setting Up My Bullet Journal! Since you guys loved it, I decided to post part 2. In this sitting, using the same materials as last time and some acrylic paint, I added a couple of themed pages as well as some habit trackers. Continue reading



Let’s face it – we live in a tech-savvy world.

People are on their phones constantly. They’re addicted. And not only to their phones, but to any other object that has a screen and WiFi. If it isn’t Instagram, it’s Facebook. If it isn’t Twitter, it’s Snapchat. If it isn’t texting, it’s surfing the internet.

Is all this time spent on the screen worthwhile? Or is it simply a waste of time? I’m sharing with you 10 alternatives to being on your phone (or any other device.) Continue reading