20 School Life Hacks + Summer Recap

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I don’t know about you, but I’m slightly excited about the start of school. 

The thrill of learning new things, planning your week, meeting new people, having assignments to complete, and everything else involved. One thing I love about school is things that make it easier. Don’t you just love getting everything done that you need for the day and being able to relax and do something you love? Well, I know I do. And hacks are a great way to get to there!

Today’s post is a collaboration with Taiya Maddision. Taiya is a teen lifestyle blogger – her blog is amazing, so head over there check it out!

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What? A New Name?


cropped-joyunnewheader.jpgI know, I know. It all happened so fast! But I just couldn’t resist. So, why the change of name?

The name I “chose” in October of 2016 wasn’t really working for me anymore. It didn’t seem to be fitting, either. I thought over new name ideas, and after a while, I settled on “Joy Unspeakable”.

cropped-untitled.pngTo define the words…

Joy noun \ˈjȯi\ the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying

Unspeakable adjective \ˌən-ˈspē-kə-bəl\ incapable of being expressed in words

If we phrase them together they read “great delight and happiness incapable of being expressed with words”. Basically, inexpressible happiness.