Embracing Joy in Everyday Life


Let’s state the obvious. Finding joy in everyday life is definitely not easy. There are many things that cause us to have a bad attitude about our lives and the situations we are in and go through. But living in those kind of attitudes and moods is not where God wants us to be. He wants us to live joyfully.

Finding JOY Amidst The Misery


Let’s face reality. Life is tough. It’s crazy busy. You feel you barely have any time to do the things you love. The people you hang out with don’t seem like friends anymore. You isolate yourself, because it seems no one is talking to you or making effort to hang out. Keeping up with every responsibility just doesn’t seem worth the effort. You’re failing at things. Sleep isn’t in your schedule anymore. You bring yourself down, because you can’t ever be like “that girl” or “that guy.” Your life is an endless cycle keeping up with the game. And on top of it all, maybe something horrible has happened in your life. It’s overwhelming. You can’t bear it anymore. You ask yourself, is living worth it anymore?

Giving Thanks (Even When The Sky Is Falling)


Sometimes it can be hard to be thankful.

Amidst everything there is in life, giving thanks can be challenging. You or a loved one might be sick. A family member or friend may have gone down the wrong path. Maybe something didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. Or you simply failed a science test.

It’s that time of year where the snow is starting to fall and people are getting ready for Thanksgiving celebrations. Maybe you’ve had yours already. Nonetheless, I thought it would be a great time to share my thoughts on thankfulness.

Halloween // Why Celebrate Death When You Can Celebrate Life?


October 31st is fast approaching.

And that means a few things. Halloween, for one. And costumes. And candy. And the celebration of something that maybe shouldn’t be celebrated. Some people think it’s totally okay to dress up and go get candy (it’s free, after all!). Others tend to stay away from this so-called “satanic” holiday. As a Christian, should you be participating in Halloween?