Answering YOUR Questions 2.0

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Hi friends! So a little while back, I hosted a Q+A on the blog, celebrating my 1 year blogiversary. It’s been a few weeks, but I’ve finally gotten around to answering your questions! If you’d like to see my previous Q+A post from a few months ago, click here

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!


What is your favorite type of food? I love anything party food related — so pizza is definitely up there at the top. I also love any type of baked goods… brownies, cookies, cake… you name it!

Do you like sushi? No, I don’t like sushi. 😛

What do you hope for your future in blogging? That people would be empowered to live joyfully for Him.

What is one thing you wished you could have told your younger self when you first started blogging? Don’t stress.


What made you decide to start blogging? Why did you start blogging? The fun of writing posts, designing graphics + the site, and using an online platform to share with others was my inspiration and motivation (ya feel me??)

What are some of your biggest inspirations? What bloggers/blogs do you look up to? Ella Marie, Abbiee, and Allison. Everyone else out there is amazing too! These specific bloggers were the first that came to mind 🙂 Y’all are amazing!

What are some goals for your blog? I don’t have a lot of goals for my blog… so wherever it takes me, I’ll go with it!

How long do you plan to keep blogging?  In all honesty, I’m not sure! Things will get really busy this fall “officially” starting High School… with that and all the other tasks and responsibilities of life, things are uncertain.


Do you have any siblings? Yes, I have 6.

Have you ever moved? Yes, once in my life! It was a ton of work but totally worth it.

What is a pet peeve of yours? I hate having (ANY) light on and/or the door open when I’m trying to sleep.

What is your favorite form of travel? I like traveling by car. Traveling by plane is okay, although it kind of creeps me out (scary stories, ya know?)

What makes you feel at peace? Sitting down with a good book or art with a nice, cold, drink.

What is your idea of “the perfect day”? Hanging out and having a good time with my friends.

Who are some of your role models in life? Who inspires you? Young people doing amazing things.


And that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading my answers to your questions. Have a wonderful week, friends!


7 thoughts on “Answering YOUR Questions 2.0

  1. AWW, I’M SO HONORED YOU THOUGH OF ME! ❤ Oh yeah, pizza + party foods are the best. Good luck starting highschool! I'm going into my sophomore year and I'm honestly really excited. I've moved about 9 times, so I totally feel you when you say moving is a lot of work. XD

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    1. ❤ ❤ I'm going into my sophomore year as well, and I couldn't be more excited! 🙂 Oh wow, that's a lot of moving! haha yeppp. Thanks for commenting, dear ❤


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